How it works

1. No obligation roofing pre-inspection

A no obligation pre-inspection will quickly determine any issues on your roof (or if no work is actually required). All surveys are undertaken with minimal disruption to the school day.

2. Full site surveys

Fully experienced Technical Managers will undertake a comprehensive roof survey and recommendations to include condition reports, specifications, photographic evidence (internally and externally), appropriate drawings and initial costings.

3. Surveyor consultations

These are then forwarded to the educational surveyors, who will consult with the school to discuss the process and to construct the CIF proposal to apply for funding for the work required.

4. CIF funding assistance

Surveyors and SIG will continue to consult with the school, compile the comprehensive funding proposal and help the school make the submission for funding.

5. Design and specification

We shall provide detailed design drawings and produce specifications including for parapets, upstands, apertures, etc.

6. The right system for the right solution

SIG offer independent advice and will only specify the correct product for each application. We have access to a full portfolio of roofing products with excellent pedigrees and accredited contractors to install them properly.

7. Nominate installers; project out to tender

Should the bids be successful, the surveyors will then place the works out to tender, to our network of accredited installers.

8. Winning contractor installs

Once tenders are received, they will be fully evaluated and discussions will be held with the school to agree on the winning contractor. This could include meeting/interviews with the contractor and the school to ensure all parties work well together and understand how the works will progress.

9. Final inspection with contractor

SIG will conduct inspections throughout the project. On completion of the works we shall undertake a final inspection.

10. Warranties issued

On completion of final inspection and hand-over of the roof, SIG will issue the relevant warranties to the school for your records and provide advice and assistance on maintenance.

Multi Academy Trusts

For a Multi Academy Trust, surveys will also lead to an estate management strategy for your roofs looking at repairs, replacement and planned maintenance.  Some MAT’s (with over 3000 pupils) will receive allocated funding for building maintenance. For these trusts, we provide ongoing advice and support on how to make your funds go further, and our surveyors are available to advise on the whole of your estate.

Why is the Service Free?

If we’ve carried out a pre-inspection and are satisfied we can help you, SIG Design and Technology provide our service to schools for free. This is because we are confident in ensuring funding for the project. It also allows us to manage the roof design process, the on-site process, and the product selection. This means that we can provide our customers with genuine, quality guarantees. We take the risk, so you don’t have to.

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