We’re delighted to announce that our Ian Dryden will be speaking once again at the Architecture Today Education Seminar, which this year is on 25th September. The seminar is entitled “Building and Remodelling Schools for Tomorrow: adapting to growth and change“. This seminar is a great way for architects and their education clients to get up to speed on current design trends in education buildings and what the future holds for the design and funding of school buildings.

Ian is the face of our FixMySchoolRoof website and regularly writes about the process of applying for CIF funding for school roof refurbishment, and of course as part of the SIG Design and Technology team is very experienced in all sorts of schools projects including new build and Building Schools for the Future projects.

This free-to-attend half-day seminar will look at a range of case studies of exemplar projects that demonstrate how – through either new buildings, remodelling, extension or adaption – learning and teaching environments have been created that can enthuse, nurture and inspire people who use them.

Architecture Today Education Seminar 2018

Last year’s Seminar was Standing Room Only – join us on #ATEducation if you can’t make it

Topics for discussion include:

  • How are new teaching methodologies informing design?
  • Delivering safe and healthy environments on constrained urban sites;
  • Creating purpose-build spaces for specialist learning;
  • Developing school masterplans that benefit the wider community;
  • Establishing identity through design, and
  • Creating connected inside and outside spaces that support health and wellbeing.

The Case Study Speakers include:

Ian Dryden will be talking about how learning from the past can help new school designers ensure a safe and healthy learning environment well into the future of your school design. As someone who spends much of his working life on school roofs, he will no doubt have a few salutary tales to tell, as those who saw him last year will remember!

The Architecture Today Education Seminar takes place on the morning of Wednesday 25th September at The Building Centre, Store Street, London WC1E 7BT, with registration kicking off at 8.30am.

You can find out more about the Seminar and book to attend here.

Please note: If you can’t make it to London, or if the event is sold out, don’t worry, we’ll be live blogging HERE from the Seminar on the morning of 25th September and live tweeting using the hashtag #ATeducation – click to join us!

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